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Satisfying my Curiosity

Satisfying my Curiosity

There are a few random fire roads around Agoura that I've always wanted to explore. Today, I finally got to ride a couple of them.

As often happens, the mystery was more fun than the reality. I don't think I'll ever ride either one again. But the idea of a weird, bushwhacking loop through Agoura crossed my mind. Maybe there's a way to link up a few of these grungy old trails and make something interesting out of 'em.

But today, it was fun to just wander wherever time allowed.

Exploring Local Access Roads

Training Update

Training Update

I've been focused on doing bigger lunchtime rides, and barbell workouts if/when I have time. I've been riding or lifting nearly every day, and the results have been generally good. I posted strong times on Rock Store, Mulholland, and Westlake.

And today, with allergies kicking my ass, I still managed to match my 3rd best time up Rock Store, just 20 seconds or so off my PR.

That's all good stuff.

But it's time to switch gears. The plan was to add muscle, and I have. Back in September I weighed around 182, and I've grown to around 191. My measurements (waist, chest, thigh) haven't changed, and my clothes fit just fine (better, in fact), so I'm reasonably sure the bulk of that weight is muscle.

But still. I've hit the half-way point in my progress toward 175# @ 12% body fat. It's time to focus on weight loss. Food diary is starting back up, and after-dinner snacks are officially suspended.

Auto-Populating Strava's Manual Workout Entry

Auto-Populating Strava's Manual Workout Entry

When I'm entering a barbell workout into Strava, most of the important data goes in the Name field. And just about everything else can be automatically populated.

So I wrote a quick user script to do that. Configured at the top (leave the commas where they are!), and will fill in most of the form, and put focus on the Name field so you can put in what you want. The user script is here.

And, since I do a lot of my workout stuff on my iPhone & iPad these days, here's a bookmark version of the script that can be used there:

Populate Strava Workout

Mudfoot Dirty Hundo

After Jeff at Bike Jerks posted his account of his Dirty Hundo experience, I thought it might be fun to give it a go one day. Now that I've seen the video, I'm totally in... if the opportunity ever presents itself.

Long Ranch & Baby Heads

Spent the day fighting with Maven, so had a little stress to burn off tonight.

Long Ranch - Baby Heads Loop

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