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Sanity Ride

Sanity Ride

Today's high was 106° and I was going to stay out of the heat with a workout video. But I finally decided that I can handle a 45-minute loop up over Mt. McCoy, heat or no. I'm glad I did. It was a beautiful afternoon.

Mt. McCoy Loop

Just for Fun

I don't think I looked at the GPS the whole time.

McCoy Loop

Recovery Ride

Yesterday's training ride was a disaster. I was clearly fatigued from the weekend's yard work. I ditched the intervals (like any sane many would) and decided to just ride up Rock Store like a normal person.

Except that I am not a normal person. I feel weird "just riding along." So I ended up turning myself inside out trying to set a new PR, only to arrive at the top weaving and gasping, nearly two minutes behind PR pace. Bah.

I couldn't get my head around following up a worthless "training" ride with a boring indoor core workout, so I decided to toss all reason out the window and just go for a ride.

I looped up Westlake Blvd. to Kanan Rd, then a fun, fast return along Lindero Cyn. Lovely ride, beautiful day, and it was so great to just go for a ride and not be watching the GPS the whole time.

Westlake - Kanan Loop

Training Cycle: Week 2

Training Cycle: Week 2

I switched up my weight training this week, essentially jumping forward to the next period sooner than planned. The results were promising. I still didn't feel 100% for Friday's intervals, but I performed reasonably well. I was 15 seconds faster than my time on Tuesday, and 5 seconds up on my previous best for this workout.

Janell and I spent Saturday and Sunday afternoons clearing and replanting the front garden, which involved around seven hours of hard work: pick axe, shovel, wheelbarrow, and more bending and lifting than I care to think about. The result was that Sunday's planned barbell workout seemed... moot. I'd already done all the lifting, pulling, pushing, bending, and squatting that I could handle for one weekend.

Course Correction

Course Correction

I switched up my workout last night. Two reasons:

  1. My interval times are getting slower
  2. I can feel the cumulative fatigue building up. It's way too early for that.

It's questionable to draw conclusions from 10 days of workouts, but I've seen this pattern before, and I'm not eager to waste any time, let alone the next three weeks.

So I'm switching it up.

I'm doing more reps at a lower load, but keeping total volume consistent. The expected results are a more manageable recovery cycle, continued strength gains, and steady performance gains on the bike. We'll see what actually happens.

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