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Keeping the Hard Rides Hard

Keeping the Hard Rides Hard

Bulldog tonight. Just 17 seconds off my PR, which makes me happy, especially since I felt like I was holding back juuuuuust a little. And I took four minutes off my PR up Bulldog to the private property sign. And I was totally going easy on that.

I feel like I'm making great progress, especially considering the results the last time I climbed Bulldog. Today's time was 41:53. I think I can take off those last two minutes in the next couple of months. I can feel how much stronger I'm getting. I just need to translate that into a solid one-day effort.

Bulldog & Grasslands

Returning to Albertson

Returning to Albertson

I hadn't climbed Albertson Fire Rd since March of 2009, and my PR was from way back in May of 2008. So it was time for an update. I managed to knock it down from 37:33 to 28:31. Not bad. And the views from Albertson as the sun set? Stellar.

Albertson Climb

Defining "Sustainable"

I stacked up lots of climbing and saddle time during the second week of October. I would have been smart to back off a little during that next week and let my body recover.

But that's not what I did. Instead, I kept on rocking until it was clear that my riding had completely outstripped my recovery.

So. Lesson learned. Again.

I finally wised up on Wednesday, and did a stack of repeats instead of climbing Rock Store like I planned. Thursday I rested, and today I rode the 40-minute loop up around Mt. McCoy, and felt great.

I've been looking back over my training log, and the magic number seems to be about 6,500 ft. of climbing in a week. I can do that with no problem, but then I need to back off. 5,500 is sustainable as long as I keep the total volume under 4 hrs.

So that's the new normal: 4 hrs, 5,000 ft. That works out to about 1,250 ft. per hour.

Mt. McCoy Switchbacks

Repeats, Diminished Drive

Today's ride is a story of diminishing motivation. Started out wanting to make a quick (for me) climb up Rock Store. Decided to do two quick repeats of the first half. Then decided to just see how long I could hold 10+ MPH average. Lasted just 3 1/2 minutes. Decided to do three more 4-minute intervals. On #3, decided that fighting past the two minute mark wasn't worth it. On #4, decided I hated cycling, and would never try this stupid Rock Store climb ever again.

Still, I managed to stack up about 1,000 ft. of climbing, nearly all at high intensity. So I feel like I turned in an okay workout regardless.

Rock Store Climbing Repeats

Fish Oil vs. Krill Oil

I've become a fan of Dr. Rhonda Patrick's Found my Fitness series. She brings serious biochemistry knowledge to bear on fitness-related questions, usually around the topic of supplementation.

I'm posting this here mostly so I can easily find it again, but it's short and packed with good information. Certainly worth watching.

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