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A Few Small Repairs

With the tires on my mountain bike not holding air, I had a choice: take it back to the shop, or take up arms against a sea of troubles. (Or, rather, a dwindling puddle of Stan's Sealant.)

The usual way of adding more sealant is to pull a bit of the tire bead off the rim, pour in some sealant, and then use an air compressor to re-mount the tire. But I don't have an air compressor.

Luckily, there's an alternative for tires that are already mounted: remove the valve core, and inject the sealant straight into the tire through the valve body.

Seemed simple enough. Worth a shot.

So I stopped by the shop today, and bought what I need to tackle the problem myself.

Woodridge Loop


Corral Canyon Climb

Corral Canyon Climb

I'm game for a big ride, but today I simply didn't have the time or energy to spare for a big loop. Corral Cyn is essentially a giant climb to nowhere. The only place to go from the top is back down, which helps explain why Strava shows that just over 300 people have climbed it.

An iffy night's sleep and an early start this morning took some of the wind out of my sails, and my sleepy brain kept heckling me, telling me this was a 9-mile climb (it's really just 6½), and that it would take me 2 hours to reach the top. I knew that couldn't be right, so I finally just stopped listening and concentrated on climbing strong, knowing that a 2,000 ft. climb should take about an hour. Still, I'd like to head back at some point and have another go when I'm fresh.

I drove home up Latigo Cyn, and the road was full of people on bikes grinding up the hill. Pretty amazing. I must have passed 20 cyclists. Sunday morning seems to be party time on Latigo.

Corral Cyn Climb

Two Days in the Santa Monicas

Two Days in the Santa Monicas

I knew I wouldn't have time for a "real" ride on Thursday, so I decided to do two "half" rides on Wednesday and Thursday, each with a moderate Cat 3 climb, rather than a big Cat 2 or Cat 1. Good plan, but the execution left room for improvement.

Top of the World Climb

Tripple Threat Climb to China Flat


Piuma & Schueren Up, Stunt & Cold Cyn Down

The SMMT Challenge combined with odd weather to give me a nearly perfect chance to finally climb Piuma Rd.

Temperatures were in the 90's inland, but a cold front moving in off the Pacific created a cool, breezy stretch along the spine of the Santa Monicas, which happens to be exactly where Piuma is. Beautiful!

I've been logging a steady 5,500 ft. of climbing each week, and I could feel the benefits last night. Strong, steady energy. I'm not sure I'm getting faster, but I feel like I'm stronger, and I can feel my endurance improving.

And I'm now a full convert to stocking my bottles with ice and Skratch mix. Great stuff. (I'm also a fan of HEED.) So much better than plain water, especially in the heat.

Piuma & Schueren Up, Stunt & Cold Cyn Down

Climbing Stunt Rd.

Climbing Stunt Rd.

I'm still sore from a barbell workout I did on Monday, so I really didn't feel my best today. All the same, it felt good to go for a spin, and climbing Stunt for the first time was spectacular. The panoramic views from the road are amazing, and the climbing itself felt less intense than, say, Rock Store.

As a wonderful bonus to today's ride, I topped out on Stunt to realize, "Hey, I've been here before!" Some friends and I brought a telescope up there a few years back when Mars came closer to Earth, I think. I couldn't resist riding up the semi-paved trail to the radio facility. Next time I'll have to head out to the actual "top of the world" spot where we set up our telescope.

And I couldn't take my eyes off the spectacular Calabasas Peak Mty. I'm going to have to come back and explore this area sometime soon.

Stunt Climb

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