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Learning Experiences are Rarely Pleasant

Learning Experiences are Rarely Pleasant

I headed out on Tuesday to check out Aliso & Wood Canyons Wilderness Park, using the route of the Non Dot race as a guide. It's a great route. Mathis is a stout climb, and the descent down Rock-It is challenging. Definitely right at the limit of where I'm comfortable.

Unfortunately, I didn't get to enjoy the full Alios experience. I flatted at the top of my second climb up Mathis. Because I am an idiot.

First Ride at Aliso


Non Dot O.C. Classic #4: Caspers Wilderness Park

On Saturday I raced the final race of the Non Dot O.C. Classic race series at Caspers Wilderness Park.

This time around, I wanted another podium spot, but more importantly, I wanted to learn from the first race and make better decisions.

The Strava Flyby of the Santiago Oaks race showed that the winner had gone clear of the pack really quickly. I was determined not to miss the jump this time.

Non Dot O.C. Classic Caspers Wilderness Park




Like an idiot, I managed to lose my multi-tool on a ride in Santiago Oaks last week. And then I lost a water bottle in Las Virgenes Canyon on Monday.

Picking a new multitool got me started fidgeting with the contents of my saddle bag. I switched things around a little, and I'll be carrying about ~140g less than before. I'm sure it'll make all the difference in the world on Saturday.

I also swapped out my quick release seat clamp for a regular clamp. It's not like I'm going to be adjusting my seat height mid-race, so why carry the extra 20g? It also gave me time to clean the post & seat tube and apply fresh grease. I'm hoping that'll cut down on the creaking it's been doing lately.

One more spin, then two days of rest, then... GO!

Random Thoughts Before Race Day

Training for this race is done. I logged my last gym session last week, and yesterday I did a loop around Cheeseboro Cyn to push the tempo one last time before race day. I'm really happy with the pace: 10.4 miles with about 1k ft. of climbing at 12 mph avg. I'll do one more short, easy ride this week, then rest up and make sure I've got all the knucklehead stuff squared away.

I like the way this training cycle has The gym sessions have complemented my on-bike training nicely, and I'm feeling more power in my legs on the bike.

After this weekend, it's time to get down to the business of off-season training. I have a couple of goals I'll start with, and I'll tweak from there.

Cheeseboro & Las Virgenes Loop


Pushing the Limits... Gently

(Alas, the video is not mine. But it is of the trail I'm talking about, ridden by a better rider than me.)

It's evident that I need to upgrade my skills. My bike handling is... not great. I don't feel confident. I don't feel like I'm locked in, flowing well over technical stuff. So it's time to get back on trails like Chumash, Dead Cow (both up and down), Gaspipe, and anything else gnarly I can get my hands on.

This week it was Chutes Ridgeline, (AKA Old Chutes) at Santiago Oaks.

Oaks, Tentative Ridgeline Descent

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