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Defining "Sustainable"

I stacked up lots of climbing and saddle time during the second week of October. I would have been smart to back off a little during that next week and let my body recover.

But that's not what I did. Instead, I kept on rocking until it was clear that my riding had completely outstripped my recovery.

So. Lesson learned. Again.

I finally wised up on Wednesday, and did a stack of repeats instead of climbing Rock Store like I planned. Thursday I rested, and today I rode the 40-minute loop up around Mt. McCoy, and felt great.

I've been looking back over my training log, and the magic number seems to be about 6,500 ft. of climbing in a week. I can do that with no problem, but then I need to back off. 5,500 is sustainable as long as I keep the total volume under 4 hrs.

So that's the new normal: 4 hrs, 5,000 ft. That works out to about 1,250 ft. per hour.

Mt. McCoy Switchbacks

Repeats, Diminished Drive

Today's ride is a story of diminishing motivation. Started out wanting to make a quick (for me) climb up Rock Store. Decided to do two quick repeats of the first half. Then decided to just see how long I could hold 10+ MPH average. Lasted just 3 1/2 minutes. Decided to do three more 4-minute intervals. On #3, decided that fighting past the two minute mark wasn't worth it. On #4, decided I hated cycling, and would never try this stupid Rock Store climb ever again.

Still, I managed to stack up about 1,000 ft. of climbing, nearly all at high intensity. So I feel like I turned in an okay workout regardless.

Rock Store Climbing Repeats

Fish Oil vs. Krill Oil

I've become a fan of Dr. Rhonda Patrick's Found my Fitness series. She brings serious biochemistry knowledge to bear on fitness-related questions, usually around the topic of supplementation.

I'm posting this here mostly so I can easily find it again, but it's short and packed with good information. Certainly worth watching.

Real Recovery Ride

Real Recovery Ride

For ages, my recovery rides have been recovery in name only. They've been true "junk miles": not hard enough to make me faster, but too hard to let me recover from my last ride. About all I can say for them is that they helped build volume, and maybe that helped... somehow.

I'm determined to make my easy days truly easy, so today I actually maintained discipline and kept my cadence up, my heart rate down, and my pace steady, and completed an hour-long recovery ride.

I did this today without a cadence sensor, but I've now put my cadence sensor on my road bike and set up a screen on my GPS with just two numbers: heart rate and cadence. That should make it super-easy to stay on track for future recovery rides.

Not Poaching Talpop

The plan was to start at the south end of Liberty Cyn Rd. and roll counter-clockwise around the Las Virgenes Trail until I hit the east end of the Talpop Trail, then take Talpop around back around to where it connects with the Las Virgenes Trail, and retrace my path from there to get back to the end of Liberty Cyn.

Unfortunately, there are large, clear signs indicating that Talpop is off limites to bikes.

And at exactly the moment I was discussing things with the little devil on my shoulder, a woman on horseback rode up. She was polite enough, but not talky. And as she passed me she said to her horse, very clearly, "C'mon, Silver. We're doing Talpop today." And then she and Silver turned up the Talpop trail.

And that settled that. I wasn't interested in a stern talking to (at best) from a horseback rider who'd busted me poaching.

So I spun out to the park off Lost Hills Rd. and back. Not a lot of really interesting trail, but hardly a bad way to spend my lunch hour.

I'm tempted to try to put together a trail loop that largely parallels the classic Rock Store road loop. I think it might be possible to include enough trail to make it a really fun ride.

Or, it'll end up being the loop that convinces me to finally get an "adventure bike" that'll handle fire roads, easy single track, and roads with equal aplomb. We shall see.

And just for grins, I've also attached a GPX file for a ride I did back in June in the same area. Just trying to piece together where I've already been, and where is left to explore.

Liberty Cyn Trails

Easy Wandering

older stuff